Hello summer! Hello world!

7 06 2011

Today is my official second day of summer.  After a long season teaching fifth grade,  I’m ready for a break.   I’ve been working nonstop since last summer preparing to teach a new grade level, always a challenging task, but especially for me since I like all my ducks in a row, all the time.

Weekends during the school year are sips of water; summer is a tall glass of sweet ice tea.  I enjoy teaching, but I need some time to step back and look at the world around me.  I get so focused on lesson plans, grading papers, and finding ways to reach my students that I miss out on the rest of the world.  I enjoy writing.  Having this blog will allow me an outlet for my literary urges, with the added benefit that some living human out there might actually read it.

In this blog I will be writing about teaching, naturally, but also about my life as a mother of two teenaged girls, my mild adventures in the outdoors (Alaska in two weeks!), family stories and history, and observations about life in general.

Hello summer.  Hello world!





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