Camping With Canines: 15 Travel Tips From Shae and Pip

22 07 2018

Shae and Pip, Accomplished Camping Canines

Having just returned home from a 15 day camping trip covering almost 3500 miles with our humans, we feel justifiably qualified to offer the following advice for traveling with four-legged friends.

  1. Help us get used to traveling in a car by taking us on short trips first. Nothing can spoil a trip faster than dog vomit.
  2. Whining? Experiment with us in different parts of the car. Shae says that although Pip loves to settle down in the wayback, she likes to be closer to the action in the seat behind the driver. That way she can keep the driver’s ears clean.
  3. We don’t really mind long car rides. After all, we usually sleep a good part of the day anyway. But it’s nice to stretch our legs every couple of hours or so.  And it’s good for you humans, too! So stop, already!

6.25.18 Grand Marais, Mi, near Pictured Rock (21)4. And how about a drink of water during those stretch breaks? The back seat and the wayback get a lot warmer than the front seats. Make it easy for yourself:  pack a jug of water and a bowl.

5. Hey, you humans pack snacks for the road. How about throwing us a doggy biscuit every now and then? It’s only fair.  But don’t feed us too much and certainly don’t give us those yummy human treats, no matter how much we beg (see #1 for details).

6. Would it be too much to ask that you put our dog beds or favorite toys in the car for us? That would make riding so much less stressful (again, refer to #1).


7. We should be your first priority when you pull into a campsite, picnic area, or scenic area. Put us on a long lead, feed us, and put a large bowl of water nearby. Please don’t ever leave us in a hot car!

8. After a long day in the car, we really appreciate going for a sniff around the campground. And before you head out in the morning, take us for a little stroll so we can tend to our bodily functions. Don’t forget to bring a bag to collect our messes!  (Really, we just don’t understand why humans are fascinated with our poop. But whatever.)

6.19.18 Clifty Falls, IN13


9. And speaking of messes, bring towels…more than you think you’d ever need. There are just so many smelly things to roll in, mud puddles to splash though, and opportunities to have messy fun! You’ll appreciate those towels when we climb up on your bed in the middle of the night!

6.20.18 Madison IN Ohio River

10. Why, yes, our doggy smell will pervade your car and camper. But you’ll get over it.

11. Don’t ever leave us at the campsite or in the car unattended. That’s just wrong.

6.26.18 dogs.png12. Make sure you pack our shot records, medicines, and medical history. We understand that sometimes you may have to put us in a kennel for a while so you can go off without us. Okay, no, we don’t understand.  But you might have to kennel us anyway.  So bring the paperwork.

13. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but think about chipping us before we go. On the off chance that we get separated, a microchip will help us get reunited. You would be so sad without us!

14. Not every place or everybody welcomes dogs. Hard to believe, right? So read up on the regulations before taking us places, and leave a wide berth around strangers. Parents sometimes freak out when we lick and jump all over their precious widdle pumpkins.  They just taste soooo good!

5.3.18 Taryn Shae15. Although we know better than to jump on your bed at home, there’s just something very comforting about snuggling up beside our humans in the camper. After all, someone’s got to protect you from all those nasty night creatures out there. And who doesn’t like to be awakened by sweet doggy kisses in the morning?

3.10.18 ColletonStatePark

With a little organization and aforethought, camping with us canines can be very rewarding.  We force our humans to be more active and get out in nature.  Even, or especially, when it’s hot and muggy and they are tired.  We make perfect conversation starters, allowing our humans to get to know other humans.  Curious human: What kind of dogs are those?  Response (choose one, depending on audience and mood): mixed breed, mutts, pit-bull mixes, pibble mixes, yard dogs, rescues, or Horse Creek Hound and Congaree Terrier (totally made-up breeds so as to inspire awe in those with pedigreed dogs with painted toenails).  But the best reason to take us along on your adventures is that we are loving and enthusiastic companions.  You’ll never get bored with us around!  Or lack for doggy kisses.



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