Teachers Lament

2 08 2012

When I stepped outside this morning to walk my dog, the first thing that struck me was the pink-tinged clouds and the relatively cool air. 

The second thing that struck me was that it was now August, August 2 to be exact, and my mornings like this were numbered.

With these thoughts and the rhythm of my steps as inspiration, I pounded out this poem.  And yes, I meant to leave off the apostrophe in the title.




Teachers Lament


August, where’d you come from?

   The summer’s just begun.

The ocean waves me onward,

    My reading’s yet undone.


My dresser still is piled

    With books and papers high.

My cluttered closet stuffed

    With sizes well gone by.


My winter belly bulges

    From food both fast and fat.

The diet plan’s just started.

    Oh, August, you’re a rat.


Time stretched long and lazy

    Way back, just yesterday.

Now summer’s almost over.

    Come back, my old friend May!