Missing My Daddy

14 06 2014

He’s been gone for seven years now, but I miss him more than ever.  When I come to  crossroads in my life, I think to myself, “What would Daddy say?”  His quiet wisdom whispers in the back of my head and has not steered me wrong yet.

I wrote this poem several years ago as a model for my students when we were working on Mother and Father’s Day poems, so please forgive the sing-song quality.  It captures some of my treasured memories of growing up with Daddy.


My Dad was not big,
My Dad was not tall,
But Daddy, my Daddy,
Was king of us all.

Sometimes he would bring us
Sweet treats from the store.
We’d scarf them all down
And then beg for more.

A hard day at work,
He’d come home to us all,
He’d wrassle and tussle and
Play free-for-all.

Sometimes we’d displease him
And cause him to fuss.
He’d summon and spank us
But never would cuss!

On all Sunday mornings
He’d awake with a grin,
And serenade us with poems,
With songs sometimes thrown in.

My Dad was not big,
Neither was Daddy tall,
But Daddy, my Daddy,
Had love for us all.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA